The Importance of Journalism from a Senior’s Perspective

By Brendan Downes  When I was initially asked to write my final article for this year’s newspaper, it had yet to dawn on me how fast this school year has gone by and how important it was that I spent it writing for the newspaper. Journalism is a crossroads of ideas. The fact that I can learn about what people on the other side of the planet do for fun or witness the will and strength of a community going through a tragedy, or even see and experience the joy of an individual is incredible. By opening the door to … Continue reading The Importance of Journalism from a Senior’s Perspective

United States Politics

By Amelia Hunt  Derek Chauvin, the police officer charged second degree unintentional murder, third degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter after the death of Gorge Floyd, has been found guilty on all three charges and potentially faces up to 40 years in prison. The verdict came after a trial that lasted several weeks, with the jury deciding Chauvin used excessive force and determining George Floyd’s cause of death was asphyxiation.  Continue reading United States Politics

Book Report

By Nina Combs  Dear all the readers out there,  Being stuck without a book to read can be agitating and the suspense of finding your next novel to devour can be soul crushing. I will be providing for you two book recommendations. You will either love them, not read them, or simply read them because you are still waiting for that one good book to come along. Either way I hope that I have helped you in some way.  Uncle Tom’s Cabin  By Harriet Beecher Stowe  Uncle Tom’s Cabin was one of Harriet Stowe’s first of eleven novels and is known … Continue reading Book Report

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Review

By Vanessa Lewis  The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie shows life on an English Island, Guernsey, during the period after World War Two. Juliet, a writer, travels to the island shortly after she gets engaged. Shortly after she arrives, Juliet discovers a secret society. In this society, stories and books are valued. Since the war has ended not long before this, there lies dangers in people finding out about this. Juliet must choose whether she will write her story or protect the people on this island whom she has grown quite the bonds with. If this has caught your … Continue reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Review

Comfort from God

By Hannah Marais  Tragedy can make us retreat into ourselves. Shock can give us a reason to ignore daily life and focus on our feelings and struggles. Even though people try to cheer us up when we are dejected, sometimes their words do not make us feel any better. Dealing with heartache is not something we as human beings were created to deal with by ourselves. The pure weight of anguish is enough to drive even the most optimistic people into depression and a feeling of aloneness. However, there is still hope when we are trying to process an event … Continue reading Comfort from God

Shutter Island Review

By Ayden Dant  Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island debuted February of 2010, and still offers stunning performances for its viewers. The movie takes place during the mid 1950’s America, during which many WWII veterans would find themselves working in law enforcement. One veteran, Teddy Daniels, has taken up a life as a U.S. marshal. His current assignment, along with his partner, Chuck, is to investigate the disappearance of a patient, Rachel Solando, at a mental hospital. The hospital, Shutter Island, reminds Teddy of his wife’s murder, which we see affect his own sanity. Furthermore, Daniels has reason to believe that the institution … Continue reading Shutter Island Review

Yes Day Review

By Cara Steinmetz  The movie Yes Day follows a once spontaneous and fun woman, mom of three children who finds herself constantly saying no to her children. This ultimately puts a strain on her relationship with her children. Can she fix her relationship with her kids and return back to her once enthusiastic and fun personality? A “Yes Day” might just solve this. For 24 hours she must say yes to whatever her kids ask (within reason). This includes going to amusement parks, coordinating activities such as extreme capture the flag, and much more. The day turns into an adventurous and chaotic … Continue reading Yes Day Review

Godzilla vs. Kong: Review

By Ben Jungels  In theaters as of the 31st of March, Godzilla Vs. Kong is an action movie which seeks to push the limits of modern film making and realism. Realism may seem a strange thing to claim for a movie about giant monsters fighting, but with a production cost of 160,000,000 dollars, the visuals are nothing to scoff at. Expressing emotions in animals without having them speak is no easy feat, yet GVK pulls this of almost perfectly, giving it a new sense of depth that would not have been otherwise had. It’s hard to make city-scale destruction look … Continue reading Godzilla vs. Kong: Review

Jump Rope Gazers by The Beths: Review

By Brendan Downes  The Beths’ sophomore album is a prime example of the unique particularity that can come from indie rock’s lack of conformity. The Beths, led by Elizabeth Stokes, fill their music with a certain honestly and authenticity that can only come from lyrics that mimic stream of consciousness writing.   The musical element that makes The Beths so unique is their contrast of vocals and instrumentation. Stokes’ voice is bubbly and bright while the guitars are overdriven, as if they came straight out of a classic rock band. Though these two things are unalike, the combination of the two … Continue reading Jump Rope Gazers by The Beths: Review